Sylvatex, Valicor announce joint development agreement

By Sylvatex Inc. | February 14, 2018

Sylvatex Inc. and Valicor Inc. are pleased to announce that they have entered into a joint development agreement (JDA).

The JDA will oversee the development, construction, and commercialization of Sylvatex’s MicroXTM technology, converting distillers corn oil (DCO) and other plant-based oil feedstocks into Sylvatex’s proprietary MicroXTM renewable blendstock. The JDA will also accelerate commercial scale engineering and expedite early market sales of the MicroXTM blendstock.

Sylvatex creates renewable nanoscale emulsion systems that can be used in fuels, lithium battery manufacturing, and other specialty chemical applications such as food and fragrances. Sylvatex’s product platform MicroXTM replaces petroleum-based emulsions with a technically superior, low-cost, non-toxic system.

Sylvatex and Valicor share the commitment to waste resource recovery and upcycling of biomaterials to create valuable solutions for industry. This partnership will benefit both the environment and stakeholders by repurposing materials, maximizing green chemistry processing (allowing for substantially lower production costs), and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Both Sylvatex and Valicor expect to deploy this technology in partnership with ethanol producers as a way to increase the value of co-products and to provide diversification into other fuels and chemical markets.

Virginia Klausmeier, CEO of Sylvatex, said, “This agreement marks the commencement of a long-term partnership with Valicor, a leader in conversion technologies. Sylvatex and Valicor have enjoyed a strong collaborative relationship, advancing innovations. We look forward to expanding our partnership to create value and better utilize existing assets.”

Tom Czartoski, CEO of Valicor, said, “We are excited to partner with Sylvatex, a company which shares our core values of resource repurposing and sustainability. We have been engaged in DCO processing development for some time and were looking for accretive technologies that would complement our efforts. The technology synergy will exponentially increase the value of each company’s respective work and bring value to the market.”

James Bleyer, R&D manager for Valicor, said, “The ethanol market is limited by the ‘blend wall,’ the amount of ethanol that may be blended into the gasoline market. With this technology, not only can we expand the use of ethanol as a fuel by breaking into the diesel market, but also diversify from fuel with new, untapped applications.”