Thermal oxidizers comon with Minnesota ethanol producers

ICM Installs thermal oxidizer at Al-Corn
By | May 01, 2002
At least six ethanol plants in Minnesota either have thermal oxidizers or are currently installing thermal oxidizers, according to Todd Potas, of Minneapolis-based ERG Environmental Consultants. Potas told Ethanol Producer Magazine that Minnesota ethanol producers have been dealing with emissions concerns proactively for well over a year.

According to ICM, Inc. President and CEO Dave Vander Griend, ICM just finished installing a thermal oxidizer at the 17 mmgy Al-Corn, in Claremont, Minn.

Agri-Energy, a 17 mmgy ethanol facility in Luverne, Minn., recently acquired the necessary permit to install a thermal oxidizer and boiler system as well.

These developments follow the successful installation of a thermal oxidizer/waste heat boiler pollution control system at Gopher State Ethanol in St. Paul. Early this month, the Minnesota Department of Health reported that Gopher State Ethanol has reduced its emissions by more than 95 percent after installing a $1.2 million thermal oxidizer last year. The report recommended that the thermal oxidizer be tested at least twice in the next five years, and expanding the oxidizer to incinerate other gases.