Chinese delegation visits BBI International in Colorado

By | May 01, 2002
Five delegates from Mainland China visited the offices of BBI International on May 4th. It was one of the final stops on a trip that took them to Brazil, Washington, DC, Alabama, Illinois, Denver and Hawaii.

The group, headed by Professor Dehua Liu of Tsinghua University of Beijing, was focused on gathering information not only on ethanol production from grain, but also to try and educate themselves on the progress of the cellulosic side of the industry. One of the delegates, Mr. Wang Dongguuang, vice director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Development Planning Commission, said, "China is very focused on the development of an ethanol industry. This trip is designed to gather as much information as possible about the status of the current industry worldwide and its future."

Discussions with BBI centered primarily on the World Fuel Ethanol Congress planned for Beijing in October 2003, as well as the possibility of conducting a couple regional workshops later this year. While in Colorado they also spent a half-day at the NREL facility in Golden, reviewing the progress of the cellulose technology.

Professor Liu said, "Tsinghua University is excited to work with the emerging ethanol industry in China and hopes that the Chemical Engineering Department of the University can become a research center to help develop improved technologies for ethanol production."

Over 10 representatives from China have applied for visas to attend the 2002 Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Springfield in June.