FQPT to install SGT System at Marquis Energy

By Fluid Quip Process Technologies | December 04, 2018

Marquis Energy, one of the premier ethanol producers in the U.S., is installing the Fluid Quip Process Technologies Selective Grind Technology at the Hennepin, Illinois, facility.  The Hennepin FQPT SGT System will be the largest installation to date at an ethanol facility worldwide. 

“The Marquis ethanol facilities are world class,” says Neal Jakel, vice president of strategy and technology of FQPT. “After completing a rigorous analysis and testing protocol with FQPT, the Marquis technical team determined the SGT system could take their high-performing plant to even higher yields,” Jakel added.

FQPT has installed 15 SGT systems producing over 1.2 billion gallons of ethanol annually worldwide and has shown an average increase of 3-plus percent in ethanol yields and 25-plus percent increase in oil yields.  The SGT systems have proven to improve yields nearly 2 times that of any other grind technology on the market to date. 

“FQPT’s custom SGT systems and collaboration with customers help to realize the full benefits from FQPT’s secondary milling technology resulting in the ability to take high-performing plants to even higher performance levels,” says Jakel.  “That’s why we are excited to partner with an industry leader like Marquis,” he adds.