FQPT’s Selective Grind Technology operational at CHS plant

By Fluid Quip Process Technologies | February 05, 2019

Fluid Quip Process Technologies has completed the installation and startup of its patented Selective Grind Technology at the 150 million gallon per year CHS ethanol facility located in Rochelle, Illinois. 

“Adding the SGT system to an ethanol plant not only increases yields, but enables these plants to switch to more cost effective enzymes. This leads to lower overall operating costs and higher revenue, resulting in a more profitable ethanol facility,” said Neal Jakel, vice president of strategy and development at FQPT. 

Jakel continued, “Our SGT technology continues to prove out nearly 2x the ethanol and oil yield gain over any other comparable technology in the ethanol space.  We have developed a grind simulation test in which a plant can see what the results could look like before they commit to an SGT project. We utilize these results to determine the process guarantees, so a plant will know what their guaranteed ROI will be before they begin.”

“This is a game changer for the industry; guaranteed results for technology installations, FQPT is making technology fool proof for plants.  There is nothing like this in the biofuel industry today,” added Jakel.

The SGT system is installed in the mash cook process to expose more starch for conversion to ethanol and to shear open the germ to release more corn oil. The SGT system reduces starch in DDGS which reduces dryer loading and increases DDGS pro-fat levels. FQPT provides customized systems based on plant size and objectives. These include various screen and mill sizes and custom flow setups to achieve industry-leading yields. The FQPT SGT grind mills are exclusively installed with an auto-gap adjuster technology that ensures optimize milling performance automatically. Another technology advancement from FQPT. U.S. Patent No. 9,012,191 and 9,689,003