Brewery to recycle outdated beer

By | November 01, 2002
Genahol Inc. has begun the first phase of a new ethanol plant co-located with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO). The first phase of the Genahol Inc. run-operation will turn "out dated" or spoiled beer, wine, syrups and other products into fuel ethanol. The $3-to-$5-million plant should be up and running by mid-to late summer 2003. SWACO Executive Director Mike Long said he is excited about the prospect of keeping such items out of landfills. "This is the kind of project that should open a whole new world of recycling possibilities. We will find new markets for the cans, bottles, wooden pallets, and the liquids that would otherwise be dumped." Eventually, Genahol hopes to expand its operations with SWACO to convert paper products and yard waste into ethanol. At that point, the hope is that up to 700 tons a day can be diverted from the Franklin County landfill and recycled. The company's president believes that will result in the plant producing 10-million gallons of ethanol a year.