Husker Ag powers up

By | November 01, 2002
Husker Ag Processing, a new ethanol plant near Plainview, Neb., was powered up in mid-December to test equipment, train personnel and prepare for the plant's early March startup. Located on 47 acres just east of Plainview in northeast Nebraska, the plant will convert corn into ethanol and initially employ 31 people. The plant will increase the demand for corn by 7 1/2 million bushels a year and create 30 new jobs in northeast Nebraska, Husker Ag Board Chairman Kelly Hodson said. Hodson said the plant startup is evidence to state lawmakers that their incentives package for such projects is working in rural Nebraska. The $33 million plant is projected to produce 20 mmgy and about 160,000 tons of high-quality distillers grains per year.