A New Year for UNICA

FROM THE APRIL ISSUE: UNICA welcomes new president and CEO.
By Leticia Phillips | March 18, 2019

I want to kick off my first column of 2019 by sharing some exciting news from UNICA. As of Feb. 12, we have a new president and CEO: Evandro Gussi. Gussi comes to UNICA after serving a four-year term in the Brazilian Congress. After a remarkable career as a lawyer and a professor, Gussi was a representative for the State of Sao Paulo in Brasilia where, among many other accomplishments, he successfully introduced the Renovabio legislation into Congress.

Renovabio will completely transform the biofuels scene in Brazil. This transformation will occur because this policy provides the stability that is so needed for investments to flourish. When the rules of the game are clear and predictable, the country and its citizens win. Since the beginning of Renovabio, UNICA has taken the lead in pushing for this legislation to become a reality. We have provided support and advice to all parties involved in this program. One can only imagine our excitement now to have Gussi leading UNICA. His commitment to this cause is essential for the sugarcane sector to navigate these challenging, yet exciting, times.

As the world struggles to find solutions to decarbonize the transport sector, Brazil is positioning itself to lead this charge. By committing to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 43 percent of 2005 levels by 2030, Renovabio comes to solidify the predictable policy pillar of achieving this commitment. The other two pillars, sustainable production and technological innovation, have been the focus of our industry for a long time. Throughout this process of introduction, approval and now regulation of this program, Gussi has devoted himself to learning about our sector and renewing his commitment to fight for a better, cleaner future for all. Aware of the many challenges that ethanol (and sugar) faces around the world, Gussi will reach out to stakeholders abroad to share Brazil’s successful experience with sugarcane ethanol, its environmental benefits and how Brazil can collaborate with other countries that also want to curb their carbon emissions in transport.

The sugarcane ethanol sector could not rely on a better champion to lead us into this new chapter of growth. We are excited to have Gussi leading UNICA. Please join us in Sao Paulo for our Ethanol Summit June 17 to 18. We’ll arrange meet and greets with our new president.

Author: Leticia Phillips
North American Representative
Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, UNICA