Growth Energy intervenes in AFPM’s challenge of E15 rule

By Erin Voegele | June 12, 2019

Growth Energy filed a motion in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit June 12 to intervene in support of the U.S. EPA’s rule allowing year-round E15 sales. American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers filed a lawsuit June 10 challenging the rule. The Renewable Fuels Association has also intervened in support of the EPA. 

According to court documents, the AFPM must provide the court with an outline of its case by July 10. On April 30, the group issued a statement opposing the agency’s rule allowing year-round E15 sales, arguing statutory language in the Clean Air Act “leaves no question that the EPA lacks authority to extend the E10 volatility waiver to E15.”

Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy, issued a statement June 12 expressing confidence in the EPA’s authority to implement the E15 rule.

“It’s no surprise that oil companies want to block consumer choice at the fuel pump. We saw the same kind of frivolous challenges when Growth Energy first secured approval of E15 in 2011,” she said. “We beat them then, and we’ll beat them now.

“The oil industry wants to inject uncertainty into the marketplace and discourage more retailers from offering clean, affordable options like E15,” Skor continued. “But the law is on our side. We know—and the EPA has said—the agency has clear authority to implement the law through appropriate regulations. A move toward cleaner fuels is exactly what Congress intended under the Clean Air Act.”