Attis Industries joins the Advanced Biofuels Association

By Attis Industries Inc. | July 11, 2019

Attis Industries Inc., a diversified innovation and technology holding company with a production asset in Fulton, New York, that produces corn-based ethanol, announced July 10 it has joined the Advanced Biofuels Association. 

The Advanced Biofuels Association supports and advocates for public policies that are technology neutral, utilize sustainable feedstocks, and offer subsidy parity to ensure all viable advanced biofuels can compete with the benefit of a level playing field. The ABFA engages government at all levels to secure support for the advanced biofuels industry, allowing its member companies to commercialize their technologies and bring products to market that are competitive and compatible with petroleum-based fuels and byproducts.

“While Attis is committed to operating and upgrading its recently acquired corn-ethanol plant in Fulton, New York, we are also looking ahead to our next steps in the renewable fuel space,” said Jeff Cosman, CEO of Attis. “We have a growing portfolio of second-generation biofuel technologies that benefit from nuanced policy support; the ABFA has proven to be an effective leader in this space and Attis will benefit tremendously through active participation in this prestigious association.”

With approximately 30 member companies ranging from technology start-ups to industry giants, the ABFA brings together like-minded companies to promote low carbon fuels that will move our nation closer to achieving energy and economic security. ABFA’s most recent initiatives include filing a petition with the U.S. Court of Appeals to challenge the EPA’s process for granting small refinery exemptions under the Renewable Fuel Standard, encouraging the EPA to expand feedstock approvals under the RFS, and working with members of Congress to extend tax credits to biodiesel and second-generation fuel producers.

“In joining the ABFA, we are joining the ranks of advanced biofuel companies in all stages of maturation that we can not only learn from but grow with,” concluded Cosman. “Michael McAdams, president of ABFA, has assembled a fantastic organization and presented himself as a reputable and determined advocate for the industry. We are committed to supporting the ABFA through our membership, outreach, and successful deployment of next-generation advanced biofuels at our Attis biorefineries.”