Agenda announced for North Dakota Energy Conference & Expo

By BBI International | September 25, 2019

BBI International announced the preliminary agenda for the North Dakota Energy Conference & Expo, a premier North Dakota energy event focused on the state’s energy technologies and efficiencies. The Conference will take place at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota beginning at 12:00 PM on Nov. 13 and concluding at 3:00 PM on Nov. 14.

The dynamic event will bring together all energy sectors currently active within North Dakota and explore how the state is uniquely positioned to be a top proving ground for new efficient technologies and strategies needed for implementation. 

“North Dakota’s “all the above” energy mix offers an environment rich with opportunities for industry, technology providers and producers,” says Luke Geiver, program director for the North Dakota Energy Conference & Expo. “We have developed a comprehensive agenda that allows attendees to explore the state’s unique position within the energy industry due to its wide mix of energy sources currently being used.”

The North Dakota Energy Conference & Expo will focus on the following energy segments:   

    •Big Picture of North Dakota Energy

    •Power Generation


    •Renewable Energy Production


    •Workforce Development

“We are excited to unite all of North Dakota’s energy sectors for a two-day, fast-paced conference”, says John Nelson, vice president of marketing & sales at BBI International, “The conference will showcase the diversity of energy resources in the state and highlight new technology and opportunities.

HB Sound & Light, a Grand Forks based light and sound technology company is a major partner of the event and is designing a special stage for the presenters. The stage will be cutting-edge and better allow participants to engage with each talk.

To view the preliminary agenda click here.: North Dakota Energy Conference & Expo