OPINION: Growth Energy promotes benefits of E15 at NACS show

By Mike O’Brien, Growth Energy vice president of market development | October 02, 2019

This week, I’m excited to be at the annual National Association of Convenience Stores Show in Atlanta, Georgia, where we get to visit with and educate over 50,000 fuel retailer stakeholders on the many benefits of E15 fuel, a fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol. This year’s NACS Show comes after our industry scored a major victory in allowing E15 year-round, which resulted in record summer sales and creating greater demand for the higher-octane, more-affordable fuel than ever before.

To help share the success story of higher blends of ethanol fuel like E15, we invited representatives from Minnoco to join the Growth Energy booth, and share firsthand retail experience with higher blends of ethanol fuel with attendees. We’re proud to have allies in Minnoco, as these unique partnerships with key fuel retailers through the Prime the Pump program have been central to our efforts to expand retail market access for higher blends of ethanol fuel and demonstrate the retail benefits of E15.

And while retail events like the 2019 NACS show are critical to expanding the retail availability of higher blends of ethanol fuel across the country and showcasing the future of biofuels, this is something Growth Energy has been working tirelessly on for years. Our NACS presence has provided countless retailers the tools necessary to begin selling higher ethanol blends, and our ability to provide access to expertise directly to retailers has been indispensable to the growth of E15. It’s truly what sets our organization above the rest and why we work so hard to continue building this trusted network of retailers.

To learn more about adding the engine-smart and earth-kind E15 to your fuel offerings, head to our retailer hub at GrowthEnergy.org/retailer. https://growthenergy.org/resources/retailer-hub/