OPINION: Growth Energy is first stop for retailers adding E15

By Mike O’Brien, vice president of market development at Growth Energy | November 07, 2019

Growth Energy has made it a top priority to provide fuel retailers around the country the tools necessary to effectively assess how E15—a fuel made with E15 percent renewable biofuel and often labeled Unleaded 88 at the pump—can fit into their fuel product line lineup. Growth Energy works with the country’s leading fuel retailers to offer E15 at more than 1,900 stations across 30 states and has helped each retailer identify the right process for adopting the fuel.

Whether retailers are wading through the regulatory process or determining the best marketing strategies, Growth Energy has been able to offer expert guidance to get fuel leaders across the finish line successfully. Our work with most of the leading independent fuel retailers has allowed us to identify the optimal process for a variety of different retailers and we have developed a retailer hub that combines tested tools and key information for any retailer looking at E15.

Our retailer hub is the most comprehensive introduction on all things E15—from basic questions about the fuel to terminal availability and marketing best-practices. Our team’s years of experience have allowed us to distill the most frequently sought-after information to get retailers through the first phase of consideration into the retailer hub, which you can find at GrowthEnergy.org/resources/retailer-hub. In addition to the retailer hub tool, our team is available to help you with any outstanding questions and next steps in figuring out how E15 fits into your business strategy and provides a competitive advantage.