President Bush touts ethanol for energy security

By | June 01, 2002
President George Bush traveled to Iowa on June 7th to speak to farmers attending the World Pork Expo. While the focus of the speech was to encourage the U.S. Senate to follow the House in making elimination of the death tax permanent, the President received his longest and loudest applause after highlighting his support for ethanol.

President Bush stated, "For the good of the economy, and for economic security, they [Congress] need to get me an energy bill -- an energy bill that encourages conservation, an energy bill that encourages reasonable, environmentally sound exploration, and an energy bill that promotes renewable sources of energy such as ethanol and biodiesel.

"When I first came to Iowa, to ask for the support of the people here, and I talked about ethanol, people's eyes tended to glaze over at times, because they said, well, this guy's from Texas. He can't possibly mean what he says about ethanol. First, I hope I proved them wrong. And secondly, you've got to understand, it's in our national interest to have more forms of energy produced at home, so we're less reliant upon foreign sources of energy."

From Washington, DC, RFA president Bob Dinneen thanked the President for his continued support. "Time and again President Bush has been a leader on the ethanol issue," stated Dinneen. "The fuels agreement including the renewable fuels standard would not have been possible without his leadership in bringing a diverse set of people to the table. It passed the Senate and with the President's support we are confident it will be a part of the final House-Senate legislation."