Q&A: NCGA's Dogget on RFS

Jon Doggett is the National Corn Growers Association's vice president of public policy. This month, he answered the following quesitons for EPM regarding ethanol production and ethanol policy.
By | December 01, 2002
EPM: What, in your opinion, were the top three accomplishments of the ethanol industry in 2002?

Doggett: Denial of the California waiver request from the oxygen standard; the agreement reached with the American petroleum industry and the ethanol industry to support a renewable fuels standard; and the three strong Senate votes in support of the RFS on the Senate floor.

EPM: What role did America's corn growers play in the ethanol industry's success?

Doggett: There are two roles NCGA's members played. One, to be part of the coalition with the petroleum industry, other agriculture groups, environmental groups and the American Lung Association to pull together the RFS; and, two, the grassroots support shown by corn farmers across the country for the renewable fuels standard.

In terms of ethanol production, what is the NCGA's number one goal in 2003?

Doggett: Passage of the RFS.

EPM: What else is on the front burner with the NCGA this year?

Doggett: Obviously, passage of RFS is our number one legislative priority in terms of ethanol and renewable fuels. Number two is retaining the excise tax exemption and number three is passage of the small producer's tax credit and other tax provisions beneficial to the renewables industry.