2002 Review-Q&A

EPM featured seven compelling Q&A articles in 2002. The Q&A is an effective format for technical, scientific, and political-oriented information that must be presented in a straightforward manner. Indeed, it was one of our most popular article formats in 2002. Here's a look back.
By | December 01, 2002
Bob Dinneen, RFA"The ethanol industry can ramp production up very quickly. We proved that over the last year. The industry could easily produce over three billion gallons in 2004," Dinneen told EPM in our inaugural issue.

Jack King, California Farm Bureau"It would certainly help if California had its own buy in the ethanol process. . . There has been little focus on the opportunities that ethanol use and production can present," King said in March.

Anita Randolf, GEC Admin. Chair"One of the coalition's guiding principles is development of beneficial policies that will garner bipartisan support. GEC represents a broad cross section of interests from across the country," Randolf said in May.

Gov. John Hoeven, GEC Chair"With ethanol, our efforts in energy production and agriculture dovetail nicely. That promises to be the case for some time to come in light of (pending national energy legislation)," Hoeven told EPM in July.

Hosein Shapouri, USDA"The office wanted to develop a research report on corn-ethanol's net energy value that is unbiased and reliable," Shapouri told EPM in August.

Cindy Riley, NREL"In the next two years, we hope to have cellulases that are one-tenth the cost of those available in 2001," Riley said in our September Q&A.

Harold Tilstra, LOL Farmland Feed"We often see the ethanol production process reduced to one or two slides during a presentation. The reality is that the process is incredibly complex," he told EPM in October.