Japan envisions waste-to-energy recycling by 2010

By | December 01, 2002
The Japanese government recently unveiled a comprehensive plan to tap biomass fuel through the recycling of food waste into fuel. The government hopes the biomass project, to be realized by 2010, will help reduce gasoline consumption and curtail global warming. The government's "Biomass Japan" strategy calls for the participation of 500 local authorities that will serve as models in the waste-to-energy plan.The government plans to establish a biomass energy promotion council early next year among the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Environment and other government agencies. The council is expected to lay out blueprints for building biomass energy production facilities.

One program involves experiments using the "biodiesel" extracted from rapeseed oil and other agro-wastes generated through food processing. Another program would call for ethanol production.