The Way I See It

World-class ethanol industry events showcase the progress we have made
By Mike Bryan | March 01, 2002
I must begin by saying the National Ethanol Conference: Policy & Marketing was one terrific event. The agenda was packed with information and the presentation by Red Cavaney of the American Petroleum Institute was a real showstopper. I have to believe that when Mr. Cavaney looked out at over 600 people, all committed to the development of a domestic ethanol industry, it had to make an impression on him. Thanks to the Renewable Fuels Association for a job very well done.

Just prior to the conference, the United States Department of Agriculture hosted their annual Ag-Outlook conference in Washington. Over 1,400 people attended this dynamic look at the future of agriculture. If you went away from that conference not gaining some insight into American agriculture, you were sleeping. While there were many people from USDA involved, I would like to thank Marvin Duncan from the Office of Energy Policy and New Uses for inviting us to participate.

Following the National Ethanol Conference we went back to Washington, D.C. for the National Cooperative Business Association's (NCBA) 3rd annual New Generation Cooperative Leaders Conference. It was unquestionably one of the most informative meetings I have ever attended on the development of "New Generation" cooperatives. The topics were timely and raised numerous issues of importance that groups planning on developing farmer-owned cooperatives need to be aware of. For more information, I might suggest that you go to the NCBA website at

Turning our attention forward to the Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Trade Show, it will likely be the largest gathering in the history of the ethanol industry. We anticipate as many as 1,000 attendees and have sold out the Trade Show with 103 exhibitors. The ethanol industry is becoming so dynamic that it is a task in itself to keep up with the changing environment. We hope Ethanol Producer Magazine makes that task a little easier for you.

We look forward to seeing you at the FEW in June and hope you have a great month.

Mike Bryan
President, BBI International