Ethanol Headlines

By | March 01, 2002
Chevron urged Davis to hold deadline
To no avail, ChevronTexaco urged California Gov. Gray Davis to phase out MTBE from California gasoline effective Dec. 31, 2002, as originally planned. ChevronTexaco was one of several companies that called the governor's decision to delay the ban one year a mistake, saying it will now be more difficult to effectively ban the toxic fuel additive. Shell, BP, and ST Services were among the companies that voiced serious concern over the governor's decision.

N.J. group may build ethanol plant
A New Jersey group may start building a large-scale ethanol plant by the end of the year. The 40 mmgy plant, to be run by Garden State Ethanol, LLC, would be located somewhere within Salem County. The plant would use both corn and grain sorghum as feedstocks.

Memphis, Tenn.-based Lurgi PSI has already been retained by the group to design and build the plant. Meetings throughout New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania are scheduled for spring and early summer to continue discussing the project with investors.

York County, Pa. has potential

At least two sites in York County, Pennsylvania have the potential to sustain a 40 mmgy ethanol plant, according to the findings of a recent feasibility study.

Colorado-based BBI International conducted the study for the York County Economic Development Corp.; the findings were presented to the board early this month. If the plant is built, it will sit on 40 to 50 acres of land and could be completed within the next two years. The plant would require about 14 million bushels of corn annually. BBI International is currently examining the marketing capabilities needed to sell the plant's products.

Quad County begins production

Quad County Corn Processors began full-scale production early this month at an 18 mmgy facility in Galva, Iowa. There are now 61 U.S. ethanol plants online with a capacity to produce over 2.3 billion gallons per year.

"We're very excited to reach this phase," said Mike Jerke, general manager of Quad County. "We can now realize the dream of our farmer-investors. "Ethanol production is the prime example of a value-added enterprise whose benefits are felt locally by our members, but also by the country at large by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil."

The plant was designed and built by Galyor Engineering and North Central Construction. Williams will market the facility's ethanol.