N.D. officials cheer ethanol agreement

By | March 01, 2002
North Dakota is one state hoping to benefit from the agreement among U.S. senators to triple the amount of ethanol produced in the U.S. Gov. John Hoeven, who earlier this year ordered the state Department of Transportation to buy ethanol-blended fuel for the state's fleet of cars and trucks, praised the agreement. "That's very, very positive," Hoeven said, "not only for our farmers in terms of using more corn and other products that go into ethanol. . . but I think it's also positive for our country in terms of helping with domestic fuel supply, and it's good for the environment." North Dakota has ethanol factories in northeastern North Dakota in Walhalla and Grafton. Together, they are capable of producing a total of about 34 million gallons per year. Duane Dows, leader of a group that is hoping to build a third ethanol plant in the state, said his group believes it is a good time to be putting plans together for a new plant. Dows said the group recently selected an engineering group for the project and has narrowed the possible sites down to four.