SCS approved as verification body for California LCFS

By SCS Global Services | May 13, 2020

SCS Global Services, a leading global third-party verifier of environmental claims, is now approved by the California Air Resources Board as a verification body for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The goal of the LCSF is to reduce the carbon intensity of California’s transportation fuel pool. The program also provides a range of low-carbon and renewable alternatives ultimately reducing petroleum dependency and improving air quality.

CARB recently added third-party verification requirements to the LCFS to ensure data completeness, accuracy, and conformance with the regulation by participants. In addition, verification for LCFS provides confidence and reliability in reported data for stakeholders, market participants, and the public.

SCS, which enjoys a longstanding working relationship with CARB as a third-party verifier, is the only California-based global verification body for the LCFS program with approved lead auditors located in North America, Central America, Brazil and Southeast Asia. SCS auditors have more than ten years’ experience in conducting assessments in the low carbon fuels sector, including corn ethanol, sugarcane ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. 

“SCS has received approval from CARB to conduct audits remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is currently conducting fuel pathway validation services following our approved virtual site audit protocol,” said Matt Rudolph, SCS’ director of fuels and biomaterials.  “We provide the added benefit of being approved verifiers in related programs, including the California Cap-and-Trade Program, ISCC, Bonsucro, Columbia’s Low Carbon Ethanol Regulation and RSB – services that can be bundled with LCFS pathway validation.”

More information about the LCFS standard and verification process is available at: or by contacting Matt Rudolf at