Janson joins PhibroChem

By | March 01, 2002
PhibroChem announced this month that longtime Williams Ethanol Services, Inc. employee Stan Janson has joined PhibroChem as North American Business Manager. Janson, whose last position at William was comprised of both technical support and sales duties, departed Williams Feb. 22 and started immediately at PhibroChem.

Janson had been employed at Williams (formerly Pekin Energy) for 13 years, seven of which he worked as a microbiologist responsible for monitoring conversion and fermentation processes. Later, he became a coordinator (plant supervisor) running a shift at the Pekin, Ill. facility, during which time he was specifically responsible for operating the conversion and fermentation areas. Before his departure from Williams, Janson moved into marketing and fermentation, selling the company's yeast products.

At PhibroChem, Janson is now responsible for all North American Lactrol accounts.

"The business is very interesting to me," Janson told Ethanol Producer Magazine. "It gives me the opportunity to continue solving problems with a scientific, hands-on approach."