RFA ‘Guidelines, Specifications and Procedures' now available online

By | August 01, 2002
The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has placed an updated version of its publication, "Fuel Ethanol: Industry Guidelines, Specifications and Procedures" on the RFA website - www.ethanolrfa.org. The technical publication was recently revised by the RFA Technical Committee and a future update is expected by the end of the year. "Given the fact that this publication is often used by those writing contracts to buy or sell ethanol, the RFA works hard to keep industry guidelines up-to-date," said Bob Dinneen, RFA president. "This latest version recommends a 10 parts per million (ppm) limit on sulfur in denatured ethanol well ahead of state and federal sulfur reductions guidelines. The RFA Technical Committee first published fuel quality guidelines for ethanol in 1991. This document is a compilation of the key technical aspects of fuel grade ethanol and its traditional application as a fuel component, based on the collective experience and expertise of RFA members.

Western Plains Energy open to S.D. investors
Western Plains Energy, LLC is now in the process of selling shares and raising capital for a 30 mmgy plant in western Kansas, near the town of Campus. The project had previously been open to just Kansas and Colorado investors, but is now open to South Dakota investors as well. The group plans to close its equity drive by Sept. 1. The group has chosen ICM to design and build the plant.