Nebraska lawmakers consider action to promote biofuels industry

By Erin Voegele | August 03, 2020

A resolution introduced in the Nebraska Legislature on July 23 aims to determine what changes should be made to the state’s statutory and regulatory policies in order to enhance and promote the biofuels industry in Nebraska.

The resolution, introduced by Nebraska Sen. Joni Albrecht, would require a comprehensive review of Nebraska’s statutory and regulatory policies as they pertain to the state’s biofuels industry and determine what changes are needed to further enhance and promote Nebraska’s biofuels industry.

The study would be required to examine current state-supported funding provisions that promote and enhance higher blends of biofuel; state-authorized data collections regarding higher biofuel blends; state and federal regulations that may be impeding the growth and stability of Nebraska’s biofuels industry; current tax provisions that support or higher biofuels production and sales in the state; a potential policy of replacing E10 with E15 and the potential economic impact on the state’s ethanol industry and ethanol sales; potential statutory and regulatory changes that would be necessary to support a Clean Fuels Standard; state-level policies that have been implemented by other states to promote higher biofuels sales; opportunities that exist for biofuels to be used in renewable chemical processes; and the current level of research being conducted in Nebraska on the use of biofuels and determine what future research needs are.

The legislature’s Natural Resources Committee would conduct the interim study working in close consultation with the Nebraska Ethanol Board.

The resolution, LR373, was introduced on July 23 has been referred to the legislature’s executive board and the Natural Resources Committee. Additional information is available on the Nebraska legislature website.