Algoma resumes building

By | October 01, 2002
OSHKOSH, Wis. - Owners of an ethanol plant in the town of Utica, where construction stopped two weeks ago as a result of a court ruling, have been told they can resume building pending their appeal.

A Wisconsin state appeals judge said that while Algoma Ethanol, LLC and its investors will suffer financial ruin if construction remains halted, the group that filed suit would not be harmed by the continuation of construction. "Stop the Ethanol Plant Now, " a group that opposes the location of the plant, filed the lawsuit to stop its construction a few months ago.

"We're working on getting our people back," said Paul Olsen, president of the company that is building the $30 million plant.

Nettesheim said the appeals process, which can take seven to 10 months, will be sped up in the case.