Proposal aims to lift regulation barring E15 sales in Kansas City

By Erin Voegele | September 15, 2020

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has announced it will hold a public hearing on Nov. 4 to consider the revocation of an existing regulation that prevents the sale of E15 in the Kansas City area during the summer months.

The regulation, K.A.R. 28-19-719, limits the Reid vapor pressure (RVP) of ethanol-blended fuel sold in Kansas’s Johnson and Wyandotte Counties during the summer months. If the regulation is revoked, it will bring the region in-line with federal standards that allow year-round sales of E15.

The Renew Kansas Biofuels Association has submitted written comments to the KDHE in support of the proposed revocation of the regulation.

“E15 fuel could be made available to consumers in Kansas City by simply revoking this unnecessary regulation,” Renew Kansas President and CEO Ron Seeber said. “Allowing the sale of higher blends of ethanol fuel in the Kansas City area will directly benefit fuel retailers, consumers and the Kansas ethanol industry. In addition, the increased demand for ethanol in the area will indirectly benefit Kansas farmers by increasing the demand and local prices for corn and sorghum. This rule change presents a solid win for Kansas.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nov. 4 hearing will allow only remote public participation. Information on how to participate in the hearing is available on the KDHE website