Intrepid Technology creates Idaho Ethanol Development Group

By | October 01, 2002
Intrepid Technology & Resources, Inc. announced this month the creation of the Idaho Ethanol Development Group. The company says this group of leaders will forge the framework necessary to launch a new ethanol industry in Idaho.

Although Idaho is closer to future western markets, it does not have the incentives or research base utilized by Midwest producers. Intrepid, an alternative energy and natural resources development firm, will act upon the recommendations of the group to finalize plant locations, feedstock selections, and identify research related to future ethanol approaches.

Members of the group formed by Intrepid include Idaho's speaker of the state House of Representatives, Idaho Senate president, University of Idaho's vice president for research, executive director of the Idaho Grain Producers Association, director of the Idaho Department of Commerce, deputy laboratory director of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, a partner for Highway 12 Venture Capital Fund and director of the Idaho Department of Agriculture. ITR is an alternative energy development and operating company organized into two Groups: Services, which includes the Engineering, Specialty and Virtual Science Services Divisions; and Operations, which includes the Alternative Energy and the Renewable Energy & Resources Divisions