BIO announces new strategic vision

By Biotechnology Innovation Organization | October 29, 2020

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization on Oct. 27 announced a new, strategic direction that will help guide it to achieving long-term goals while maintaining responsiveness to changing political headwinds.

Announcing the new vision, mission and purpose to member companies, BIO’s recently appointed President and CEO Michelle McMurry-Heath remarked, “We need to be the face and the voice of science—speaking up for the millions of families around the globe who depend upon our success. That means being bold, memorable, and—at times—provocative. But if we are as proud of our scientists and as committed to our patients and consumers as I know we are, then it is not only the best tactic, it is our duty.”

After at least 106 one-on-one conversations with member companies, extensive strategic planning sessions, a broad membership survey and several focus groups, BIO outlined the new direction through

    •a new mission – to drive a bio revolution through education, collaboration, and advocacy,

    •a new purpose – to cure patients, protect our climate and to nourish humanity; and

    •a new vision – a world of rapid biotech innovation that is equitably harnessed for health, sustainability and justice.

BIO plans to execute on the strategic direction though five different pillars:

  1. Be a voice of science and for science.
  2. Unite and empower biotech innovators and their ecosystem to improve lives.
  3. Remove barriers to innovation.
  4. Champion broad access to biotech breakthroughs and scientific quality.
  5. Catalyze resilient and sustainable bio-based economies.

The Board and staff of the nearly 1000-member organization plan to operationalize the five pillars beginning immediately. For more information on BIO’s new strategic direction, visit