It All Comes Together

FROM THE FEBRUARY ISSUE: Ethanol Producer Magazine Editor Lisa Gibson tees up the publication's February features on plant maintenance and safety, leveraging data for improved plant efficiency, and getting the most from your plant's CMMS.
By Lisa Gibson | January 18, 2021

The February issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine was a little behind schedule as I wrote this editor’s note, with well-intentioned feature articles falling flat and last-minute subs moving up to save the day. Our second issue of 2021 was wrapped up in late 2020 and, as our designer pointed out, it was fitting that it challenged us.

The first of three features in this edition, "Critical Content," was originally intended for March, but, luckily, BBI International’s Plant Maintenance and Safety Summit fell within the parameters of our uncomfortably stretched deadlines and presented a great opportunity to fill in for a delayed piece. But don’t think of it as the B squad. The PMSS featured critical content about keeping employees safe and equipment optimized, and I’m pleased to have covered it.

One PMSS speaker, while discussing reduction of near misses to reduce overall serious injury or fatality (SIF) incidents, gave a fascinating example drawn from his own experience at a plant. I could talk about it all day, but instead, I’ll let you read about it when you devour that feature article. 

I also got to take a look this month at how data can be used to improve overall efficiency, from maintenance to cleaning. Most plants already have the sensors they need to collect the data required to optimize cleaning schedules and track maintenance needs, but simply don’t use it—maybe because they don’t know how. Those who are using data already might be investing in automated, real-time systems one source calls “data funnels,” turning 5,000 points into 20 reportable anomalies. It’s more than just tracking trends, he adds. Find out how to use existing data optimally and learn about upgrade opportunities in "From Reactive to Proactive."

Sticking with a theme of available optimization techniques that aren’t commonly used, our third feature, "Scanning CMMS Efficiencies," evaluates computerized maintenance management systems. Here, too, plants have ample opportunity to refine, streamline and closely manage parts and equipment.

I am proud of this magazine's content and the work that goes on behind the scenes to get each magazine finished and into your hands. It all comes together. It always comes together.  

Stay safe and be well.


Author:Lisa Gibson