Commonwealth Agri-Energy completes expansion

By | February 01, 2006
Commonwealth Agri-Energy LLC in Hopkinsville, Ky., finished a seven-month 7 MMgy expansion project that started in July and finished in mid-January.

Commonwealth Agri-Energy had to endure a few minor outages during the construction. "We were able to get by with two-day outages in August and November, and a one-day outage in Septemberall expansion related," General Manager Mick Henderson said. "We had our final shutdown in January to finish any piping or equipment installations that needed to be done."

Robinson Construction Company handled the expansion with ICM Inc. providing the process technology. The plant went from its initial nameplate capacity of 26 MMgy to 33 MMgy and now processes over 11.5 million bushels of corn. Ethanol Products and Land O'Lakes will continue to market the plant's ethanol and DDGS, respectively. Henderson said there is no intent for further expansion of the plant. "But you never know, we never were intending to expand in the first place," he said.

-Staff Report