Blackmer releases Micro C-Series eccentric disc pump line

By | October 26, 2006
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Blackmer introduced a new line of eccentric disc pumps called the Micro C-Series. Product Manager Dave Bohne said the pump, which was released in Europe during the summer, is an extension of the product line of larger C-Series pumps, which have been in use for years. The compact stainless steel pump was designed for transferring and dosing additives in continuous processing applications and is available in three models. The pump has no mechanical seals or magnets.

"By design, the Micro Clike all of the C-Series lineself-compensates for mechanical wear and maintains consistent flow-over time," Bohne said. "Should cleaning the pump ever be necessary, the good line stripping, complete draining and clean-in-place design save product, time and money." He added that the Micro C-Series could be used to pump dyes and other additives used in ethanol blends.