Colorado, GM partner to increase E85 availability

By | March 27, 2007
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Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, who took office in January, announced in February that the state will expand the availability of E85 to consumers with the installation of 40 new pumps by the end of the year.

"One of my top priorities is to establish a new energy economy for Colorado, built around renewable and cleaner sources of energy," Ritter said in the announcement, which took place at the state capitol building in Denver. "Today, we're announcing some major progress toward that goal. By the end of 2007, there will be 50 E85 ethanol fuel sites in Colorado, up from the 13 we have now."

The new fueling locations will be promoted by General Motors (GM) as part of an ongoing national campaign to publicize fuel ethanol, as well as GM's line of flexible-fuel vehicles. "At GM, we believe that the biofuel with the greatest potential to displace petroleum-based fuels in the U.S. is ethanol, and we have made a major commitment to vehicles that can run on E85 ethanolwith over 2 million of our flex-fuel vehicles on the road today and plans to expand production going forward," said Elizabeth Lowery, GM's vice president of environment and energy. "We will continue to work with government, organizations and retailers to promote increased use and awareness of E85 ethanol across the country."

In addition to GM's national effort, the Colorado expansion is being led by the Colorado E85 Coalition, a group of private companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies dedicated to increasing Colorado's use of renewable fuels. Two Colorado retail companies, Pester Marketing Co. and Western Convenience, will be installing E85 pumps in a total of 22 stations statewide with assistance from the Colorado E85 Coalition.