Midland, Kelso introduce railcar pressure relief valves

By | November 13, 2007
Canadian-based Kelso Technologies Inc., a railcar equipment developer, received approval of its external, stem-free JS75H pressure relief valve from the Association of American Railroads in mid-October. The new model doesn't have O-rings and doesn't require pneumatic toolsfeatures that offer maximum operator safety and performance, according to Kelso Technologies President John Carswell.

In Skokie, Ill., Midland Manufacturing, a railroad tank car safety valve producer, introduced its new A-2165 pressure relief valve. According to Kevin Cook, Midland vice president of sales and marketing, the valve has a start-to-discharge weight of 165 pounds, as opposed to the traditional 75 pounds. Its O-ring seal also prevents leakage and optimizes flow rates for increased operator safety.