U.S. Water tackles Galva water treatment

By | January 01, 2008
Cambridge, Minn.-based U.S. Water Services signed an agreement in October to provide water treatment for Big River Resources Galva LLC, a 100 MMgy ethanol plant that started construction in mid-November in Galva, Ill. According to U.S. Water, the Galva facility will be the first to incorporate a patented high-efficiency reverse osmosis process with its evaporation and crystallization process. Big River Resources selected the zero-liquid-discharge system because of the high mineral content in the local well water and the long distance to a river for discharge. The four-stage water treatment process includes softening; carbon dioxide reduction; the HERO process, which will recover 95 percent to 97 percent of the water; and the final evaporation and distillation process to reduce final waste streams to a landfill solid.