UK misses sustainability targets for biofuel

By | March 05, 2009
The U.K.'s Renewable Fuels Agency recently announced that only 20 percent of the biofuel supplied to U.K. gas stations in the first six months of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation met environmental sustainability standards. The government's target is 30 percent. ConocoPhillips Co., Greenergy International Ltd. and Mabanaft Ltd. are three companies that surpassed the government's sustainability targets during that time. According to the Renewable Fuels Agency, Chevron Corp., Esso, Murco Ltd., Prax Petroleum and
Topaz had so far failed to supply any fuel meeting sustainability standards, with Prax and Topaz failing to report any data on the origins of their biofuel. The Renewable Fuels Agency said that during that same time, Greenergy delivered its first batch of sugarcane-based ethanol from Brazil that meets the RTFO social sustainability standard. The Renewable Fuels Agency, a governmental non-departmental public body, is the U.K.'s independent sustainable fuels regulator.