NZ flue gas-to-ethanol company strikes deal in China

By | August 27, 2010
New Zealand-based LanzaTech Ltd. has partnered with Baosteel Metal, China's largest steel and iron conglomerate, to commercialize its flue gas-to-ethanol technology. LanzaTech has been operating a pilot-scale facility in New Zealand since 2008 using bacteria to convert steel mill flue gas to ethanol. Baosteel and LanzaTech will now construct a demonstration-scale facility at one of Baosteel's steel mills which is expected to be operational in 2011. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will work with the companies to accelerate the technology and collaborate on research and development of related technologies.

Additionally, Chinese venture capital firm Qiming Ventures was the leading investor in LanzaTech's Series B financing drive and said LanzaTech represents a great opportunity for China. "The significance of this technology means that fuel can be produced with no impact on food supply or land use," said Gary Rieschel, managing director of Qiming. "Using industrial waste gases curbs greenhouse gas emissions and so maintains manufacturing sustainability in China."