A New Partnership to Promote Domestic Ethanol

By Tom Buis | December 27, 2010

For years, the conversation about ethanol has stayed among friends and supporters-from inside the Corn Belt to inside the Beltway. The core of Growth Energy's mission is to expand that conversation and engage those Americans who know little, nothing, or worse, are misinformed about ethanol. By engaging these Americans with an aggressive campaign to promote the facts, we can expand public support for domestic ethanol. Growth Energy did it with our 2010 national TV ad campaign, and we are doing it again in a new partnership announced in early December with NASCAR, America's most popular sport and one of the most effective marketing operations in the country. In October, NASCAR announced that it would switch to E15 for the 2011 season-a key validation of E15 as a fuel for all Americans just as the U.S. EPA is nearing its final decision on Growth Energy's Clean Jobs Waiver to bring E15 to all Americans. When Sunoco Green E15 debuts in NASCAR this year with the first rev of engines in Daytona Beach, Fla., it will be a reminder that with American ethanol, the fuel of the future is here today. The transition to Sunoco Green E15 will also take NASCAR's environmental commitment to the next level. American ethanol, a renewable source of cleaner burning energy grown right here in America, helps create new green jobs and a renewed sense of pride for the American worker, while helping achieve greater energy independence for our country. This partnership with NASCAR means that American ethanol will be able to talk to people on both coasts and the South, where the ethanol story has not yet been heard. Through NASCAR's loyal fan base-second only to national football's-we will be able to broadcast our story to a brand new audience. Through our partnership with NASCAR, we can tell America that domestic ethanol is the commercially viable alternative we have to oil today. It is not a "someday" fuel, it is here today. And ethanol is made right here in America by our farmers and our workers. We create U.S. jobs, instead of sending them overseas. Domestic ethanol is the key to making our nation energy independent. Every dollar we spend on foreign oil sends $1.55 to other economies overseas. It's time we keep that money right here at home, and put it to work in American towns and cities, building our economy and putting our workers back on the job. Ultimately, we expect that NASCAR's adoption of E15 will encourage all American motorists to embrace E15 and other higher blends. E15 is a high octane fuel that provides quality performance without harming engines. At NASCAR's opening race, the sport's iconic green flag will feature the American Ethanol brand. As Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently told the press: "If E15 is good enough for Jimmie Johnson, then it's good enough for me." Author: Tom Buis CEO, Growth Energy (202)545-4000 tbuis@growthenergy.org