Light Your Fire

LPP Combustion technology reaches milestone
By Kris Bevill | October 18, 2011

LPP Combustion LLC recently announced that its technology to vaporize various liquid fuels, including ethanol and biodiesel, into natural gas equivalent has successfully been used to operate a commercial Capstone C30 combustion turbine for 1,000 hours. The turbine generated electricity to power lights, computers and heating, venting and air conditioning units. Excess electricity was delivered to the grid. The turbine operated for 14-18 hours per day, five days a week for most of the 1,000 hours.

LPP has previously identified ethanol production facilities as a potential market for its technology, stating that producers could use low-grade ethanol or the over-capacity ethanol to supply fuel to turbines in place of natural gas. A benefit of using its patented technology is the reduction of emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil fuel-powered turbines, according to LPP. 

—Kris Bevill