New Technologies

By Susanne Retka Schill | February 22, 2012

New technologies accelerate industry innovation, and this month Ethanol Producer Magazine brings several such developments to the forefront. In our cover story, Associate Editor Kris Bevill reports on recent research on ethanol’s octane advantage, which could become the key to unlocking greater fuel efficiency in new engine technologies. Associate Editor Holly Jessen writes about the work of two companies examining new technologies to enhance the age-old core technology of ethanol production—fermentation.  Our contributing writers this month address the same theme from different angles, talking about applying known technologies in new ways like supercritical water or certain metabolic pathways, or applying holistic modeling techniques to optimize cellulosic processes.

Sharp readers may have noticed I borrowed my opening line above from the National Ethanol Conferences’ theme, “Accelerating Industry Innovation.” I plan to attend the NEC in Orlando, weather cooperating. (Last year a snowstorm 300 miles away at the Minneapolis airport canceled my flight.) While I’ll be intently listening to the speakers and reporting on the conference, I would love to talk with you there during breaks—get your feedback, pick up a few story ideas and just learn more about the ethanol industry in your corner of the world. Look me up.

Susanne Retka Schill, Editor