Sweet sorghum ethanol produced in Kentucky

By EPM Staff | January 16, 2013

Delta BioRenewables LLC has announced its collaboration partner Commonwealth Agri-Energy LLC has produced sweet sorghum ethanol at its Hopkinsville, Ky.-based corn-ethanol plant. The project utilized sugars sourced from sweet sorghum hybrids developed by Ceres Inc.

“The sugars in sweet sorghum were fermented in the same way as corn, without any significant changes to our process. I believe that our co-op could produce 5 percent or more of our overall annual ethanol production using sweet sorghum grown on nearby marginal land and under-utilized pasture,” said Mick Henderson, general manager of Commonwealth Agri-Energy. “Everything came off without a hitch. We wanted to see the sweet sorghum juice in a full truckload lot, run our own analytical profile, and then introduce the juice in our fermentation system at full scale.”

In the coming year, Ceres will work with Delta BioRenewables and Commonwealth, which has 2,300 farmer members, to expand plantings of its trademarked Durasweet hybrids.