ETH Bioenergy, Inbicon partner on cellulosic ethanol in Brazil

By ETH Bioenergy | February 01, 2013

Brazil-based ETH Bioenergy, a company of the Odebrecht Group, which operates in the production of ethanol, sugar and electricity from biomass of cane sugar, and Inbicon, a Danish company owned by DONG Energy has technology that allows the use of straw and bagasse from sugar cane for biofuel production, have announced an agreement to bring the second generation ethanol for the Brazilian market.

The partnership will combine the experience of industrial and commercial ETH and technology and know-how of Inbicon to accelerate the development of technologies to produce ethanol and other products from lignocellulosic raw materials such as sugarcane bagasse. The goal is to introduce new technologies to the ETH and Agribusiness Units offer an integrated and competitive to other producers of bioenergy in the country
"Innovation is a cornerstone of business strategy ETH. The experience of Inbicon in converting raw materials for ethanol production of second generation and other products associated with our knowledge in the implementation and operation of plants cane sugar will result in a new business opportunity that will add value to biomass and bring to market biofuels and biochemicals more sustainable and competitive, "said Luiz de Mendonca, president of ETH Bioenergy.
To Henrik Maimann, Vice President of DONG Energy, ETH Bioenergy is the most attractive partner for Inbicon in Brazil, due to his track record. "The cooperation with ETH will give both companies access to the Brazilian market, a strategic market for deploying the second generation technology to add value to biomass," he said.
The first phase of the cooperation agreement covers, among other things, joint research on the feasibility of ethanol production from sugarcane waste.