IGPC Ethanol purchases ICM's Selective Milling Technology

By ICM Inc. | March 07, 2013

ICM Inc. has announced that IGPC Ethanol Inc. of Ontario, Canada has purchased its patent-pending Selective Milling Technology, which includes a license for operation of this latest ICM platform technology.  

IGPC Ethanol CEO Jim Grey stated, “Our ICM-designed ethanol plant is strategically located in the middle of Ontario’s corn country, and it enables us to produce over 160 million liters of annual ethanol production, as well as produce distillers grains that are marketed and transported to area beef, dairy and pork operations. With ICM’s new SMT product, we look forward to benefiting from the product’s ability to increase both ethanol production and oil recovery. The fermentation of additional starch made available by SMT removes load from centrifuges and dryers, as well as the potential to increase the bulk density of our distillers grains. This benefit allows more weight (product) per truck transport—which can improve our bottom line.”

ICM President Chris Mitchell said, “We’re very pleased to announce the purchase of our Selective Milling Technology by one of the largest agricultural co-operatives in Ontario, Canada. Our product delivers higher efficiency and higher capacity benefits. The SMT product is a significant next step in the incorporation of ICM’s platform technology package, and we are thrilled to deliver a yield enhancement solution that benefits IGPC and the members of this strong ag co-op.”