UK publishes updated RTFO compliance data

By Erin Voegele | May 10, 2013

The U.K. Department for Transport has published data on its renewable transport fuel obligation (RTFO) for the first three quarters of the most recent obligation year, which ran from April 15, 2012 through April 14, 2013. The time period covered in the report spans from April 15, 2012 through Jan. 14, 2013.

During the first three quarters of the obligation year, 965 million liters (254.93 million gallons) of biofuel was supplied in the U.K., with 632 liters, or 66 percent, proven to be sustainable so far. According to the Department for Transport, 904 million renewable transport fuel credits (RTFC) were issued for the fuels proven sustainable, of which 271 million RTFCs were issued to fuels that are doubled counted.

Ethanol accounted for 55 percent of the 632 million liters of fuel proven sustainable. The balance was comprised of biodiesel, which accounted for 39 percent, and biomethanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether, which accounted for 6 percent. The statics point out that a small number of RTFC credits were also awarded to biogas and vegetable oil.

Regarding ethanol used to meet the RTFO, the statistical release notes that corn ethanol from the U.S. accounted for 171 million liters of fuel for which RTFCs were issued. That equates to 49 percent of the ethanol used to meet the obligation. Only 19 percent of the sustainable biofuel was manufactured using U.K.-sourced feedstocks.