Holly Jessen

Holly Jessen is managing editor for Ethanol Producer Magazine. She has written for the magazine since January 2010 and has previous experience working for daily and weekly newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota. She graduated from Andrews University in 2000 with a double major in English and journalism.

Latest Posts by Holly Jessen

September 28, 2015

Blog: Roadside assistance for proud ethanol supporters

When is the last time you were stranded on the side of the road, wishing you were a member of a motor club? Or, perhaps, you are already a member of a motor club, but that motor club has a habit of bashing ethanol. You need to keep reading. READ MORE

September 21, 2015

Trade mission tour to stop at two ethanol plants

An Illinois Department of Agriculture-led tour begins Sept. 21, with stops at a variety of grain-related businesses around the state, including Marquis Energy LLC, a 140 MMgy ethanol plant in Hennepin, Illinois, and ADM's facility in Decatur. READ MORE

September 21, 2015

Blog: What happens after you send your press release?

Sending out a press release is like baiting a hook and throwing it in the water. Don’t do it if you aren’t prepared to catch a fish. READ MORE

September 18, 2015

RFA expresses disappointment with Oregon Clean Fuels proposal

The RFA expressed disappointment with a proposal by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to include ILUC emissions when calculating the carbon intensity of biofuels regulated under the state’s Clean Fuels Program. READ MORE

September 14, 2015

Blog: The nuts and bolts of writing a press release

Part three in a series of blogs about how the ethanol industry can work better with the media, is finally online. READ MORE

September 10, 2015

Ricketts, biofuels champion at home, abroad

There’s no question biofuels and a strong RFS are important to the future of the Cornhusker State. This article appears in the October issue of EPM. READ MORE

September 04, 2015

Join a behind the scenes tour of EPM

Want an inside look on how the EPM team plans out the content for upcoming magazine issues? You've come to the right place. READ MORE

August 31, 2015

Changes at EPM, learning to ask questions

The face of Ethanol Producer Magazine is changing somewhat. No, nobody’s quit. In fact, we’ve gained a new staff member. READ MORE

August 23, 2015

Blog: Potential new motto comes up at ACE conference

For me, some of the most memorable moments from this year’s American Coalition for Ethanol conference were the ones that made everyone laugh. And, out of that laughter, I came up with a more serious thought. READ MORE

August 21, 2015

E15, E85 at retail gas stations highlighted at ACE conference

The argument that consumers don’t want E15 because they aren’t asking for it doesn’t ring true with Ron Lamberty, senior vice president for the American Coalition for Ethanol, he said at the ACE conference, held Aug. 19-21 in Omaha. READ MORE