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June 13, 2018

FSMA at FEW: Panelists share experiences, advice

The Food Safety Modernization Act requires plants to develop and implement procedures they previously hadn’t had to consider, according to Brian Schasel, environmental/technical manager for Big River Resources LLC. READ MORE

June 12, 2018

Skor to FEW: Battles ahead are tough, but we can win

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor delivered the keynote address at the 2018 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo in Omaha, telling attendees that no other industry can hold a candle to the pace of growth of the ethanol industry. READ MORE

June 11, 2018

CHP brings significant opportunities to ethanol industry

During the first-ever Efficient Ethanol Production Seminar preconference at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, conversations focused on all things efficiency, including process heat, dehydration and combined-heat-and-power (CHP). READ MORE

May 30, 2018

A Bit of Everything

FROM THE JUNE ISSUE: Managing Editor Lisa Gibson previews this issue of the magazine, including features about Brazil's ethanol market, U.S. ethanol industry job market, progress on ethanol plants under construction and more. READ MORE

May 24, 2018

Down to the Details

FROM THE JUNE ISSUE: EcoEngineers’ Director of Engineering Jim Ramm details Kernel Fiber Now, a service that helps producers navigate their options with corn kernel fiber-to-ethanol technologies, RINs and more. READ MORE

May 23, 2018

Best in the Business

FROM THE JUNE ISSUE: This year, Ethanol Producer Magazine launched the Ethanol Producer Awards, naming winners based on open nominations in five categories. READ MORE

April 23, 2018

Enhanced Oilfield Opportunities

FROM THE MAY ISSUE: The amended 45Q tax credit makes selling carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery a viable strategy for some ethanol plants. With an interconnected pipeline infrastructure, the opportunity grows. READ MORE

April 11, 2018

2018 Ethanol Producer Award winners announced

The winners of the first-ever Ethanol Producer Awards have been chosen. Nominations were made under five categories: The Good Neighbor Award, Board of the Year, Project of the Year, Collaboration of the Year and Workplace of the Year. READ MORE

March 22, 2018

New Expectations

FROM THE APRIL ISSUE: With the release of Innova Drive, well-known enzyme developer Novozymes has entered the yeast market for corn ethanol production. READ MORE

February 15, 2018

Next-Level Nanoscience

FROM THE MARCH ISSUE: The accidental discovery that a carbon, nitrogen and copper-based catalyst can convert carbon dioxide to ethanol shows potential. READ MORE