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June 17, 2019

From FEW: Stressed yeast may be robbing plants of ethanol yield

According to Jayne Kalbfleisch, technical development manager at Lallemand Biofuels and Distilled Spirits, one factor that may be robbing an ethanol plant of yield is stressed yeast. Kalbfleisch discussed the impact of stressed yeast at the FEW. READ MORE

June 17, 2019

Partners In Prospecting

FROM THE JULY ISSUE: A predictive technology from the paper mill industry is making its way into ethanol, tying into main databases to plan and troubleshoot. READ MORE

June 12, 2019

ICM: Planning is key to a successful shutdown

Kristen Gordon, director of reliability services at ICM Inc., presented ICM’s best practices for managing ethanol plant shutdowns at the 2019 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo June 12 in Indianapolis. READ MORE

June 11, 2019

Cooper delivers FEW keynote from Iowa ahead of Trump’s visit

The 2019 FEW kicked off June 11 with RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper delivering his keynote address remotely from Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy. President Trump visited SIRE later in the day to celebrate the approval of year-round E15 sales. READ MORE

June 11, 2019

Vander Griend, Kohl receive awards at FEW

Two long-time ethanol industry professionals received honors at this year’s Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. Steve Vander Griend received the High Octane Award and Scott Kohl was recognized with the Award of Excellence. READ MORE

June 11, 2019

Novozymes unveils new alpha-amylase, yeast at FEW

Novozymes, a yeast and enzyme provider, announced this week at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo it’s new products: Fortiva, a new alpha-amylase, and Innova Force, a new yeast that is part of the Innova platform announced by Novozymes last year. READ MORE

June 11, 2019

FEW pre-conference event highlights capital improvement projects

A new event helped kick off the 2019 Fuel Ethanol and Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana this week. The Ethanol Plant Construction and Project Summit was a half-day seminar, focusing on recent capital projects in the industry. READ MORE

June 07, 2019

Ship & Shore to showcase pollution abatement solutions at FEW

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., a U.S.-based global manufacturer, designer and fabricator of regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) and custom pollution control solutions, is bringing its products and expertise to the ethanol industry. READ MORE

May 31, 2019

Nebraska passes renewable fuels infrastructure bill

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts recently signed a bill creating a renewable infrastructure grant program. The bill creates a grant program to provide financial assistance to retailers who undertake projects to dispense and store E15 or higher blends. READ MORE

May 28, 2019

A staple of FEW, industry awards celebrate 19-year history

This year marks the 19th year the Award of Excellence and the High Octane Award will be presented at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo. The awards aim to recognize individuals for their contributions to the ethanol industry. READ MORE