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March 23, 2015

Go to and get involved

BY Holly JessenThe RFA needs your help to promote and update two newly acquired E85 websites. READ MORE

March 09, 2015

I have green expectations for algae

BY Holly JessenAlgenol’s technology takes a problem and turns it into a marketable ingredient for algae-to-ethanol production. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I can get excited about. READ MORE

March 02, 2015

Let's make true fuel freedom a reality

BY Holly JessenAttending conferences has so many benefits. When I’m running dry on story ideas, my well fills back up. When I’m feeling the daily grind of doing my job, it re-energizes me. READ MORE

February 23, 2015

Overcoming obstacles to expanding E85, higher blend sales

BY Holly JessenIn December, a reader email put me on the path of investigating E85 prices and ethanol producers selling directly to retailers. I’m still on that path and wondering where it will take me next. READ MORE

February 15, 2015

Are you an ethanol history buff, just like me?

BY Holly JessenI really enjoy learning more about the history of the ethanol industry and, from what I can tell, the readers of our magazine do too. READ MORE

February 09, 2015

Project launched to improve air quality in Omaha area

BY Holly JessenEthanol can be part of a winning strategy to improve air quality in the Omaha area, says the Nebraska Ethanol Board. The association recently started a conversation about ways to lower the levels of toxic compounds mixed in gas. READ MORE

February 02, 2015

Take the time to counter anti-ethanol rhetoric

BY Holly JessenHave you seen the Fox News report about how E15 can damage your car engine? Which one? Oh, the one that aired in 2012. And, like a lot of misleading and inflammatory information, it’s still getting recycled, over and over. READ MORE

January 26, 2015

Straight from the ethanol producer to your gas tank

BY Holly JessenSome ethanol producers are selling E85 directly to drivers like you and me. It seems they take the phrase, cutting out the middleman, very seriously! READ MORE

January 19, 2015

More ethanol producers should sell directly to gas retailers

BY Holly JessenEthanol producers that aren’t selling E85 direct to area gas retailers should seriously think about it, according to producers with direct-sales programs in place. READ MORE

January 12, 2015

Minnesota boasts some pretty awesome E85 prices

BY Holly JessenA few weeks ago, a reader question sparked an interesting search for answers. That one comment has led to several stories and blogs at our website. READ MORE

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