Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

Nexsun purchases legacy plant

Nexsun Corp., a renewable resource corporation, has purchased one of the original ethanol plants near Walsh, Colo. The plant, formerly Sun Energy and built in the 1980s, currently has a capacity of 3 MMgy, but according to Nexsun, may eventually double to 6 MMgy. Alex Park, vice president of project development with Nexsun commented on the condition of the idled plant. "I don't think they kept it up with the times."READ MORE

ICM takes on management of ethanol plant

After completing four months of work at a North Dakota ethanol plant, ICM Inc. has now announced that it will be providing plant management services at that plant. ICM Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of the company, will manage the day-to-day operations and activities of the 110 MMgy plant located near Casselton, N.D. .READ MORE

Delta-T purchased by Applied Process Tech

Applied Process Technology International LLC, a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of Bateman Litwin N.V., has purchased the assets of Delta-T Corp. for the minimum bid of $2.2 million. Delta-T, a well-known ethanol process technology and construction firm, has ceased all operations, according to Dave Hughes, president and general manager of Applied Process Technology.READ MORE

CEOs request DOE loan guarantee change

Eleven CEO's of the nation's leading cellulosic ethanol companies sent a letter to U.S. DOE Secretary Steven Chu in anticipation of a Feb. 11 Senate Energy Committee hearing raising concerns about a key component of the DOE loan guarantee program that is making it difficult for the companies to qualify for loan guarantees.READ MORE

Reactions to RFS are many and varied

As the long-awaited final RFS was released at a Feb. 3 White House press conference, everyone from ethanol industry supporters to environmentalists weighed in with a virtual blizzard of press releases. Reactions were mixed.READ MORE

Obama backs biofuels with fast-track agenda

Obama Administration officials came out strongly backing biofuels in outlining its agenda to fast track biofuels development. The Biofuels Interagency Working Group, IWG, which consists of members from the USDA, U.S. DOE and the EPA, released an agenda outlining an approach for achieving President Obama's biofuels target.READ MORE

Issue brief analyzes RFS2 rule

Two days after the U.S. EPA released the final rule to implement the renewable fuels standard as revised in the 2007 Energy Bill, EPM received an issue brief from the Renewable Fuels Association that further analyzes the EPA decisions in the rule. By far the most contentious issue in the proposed used was the life cycle analysis.READ MORE

Final RFS rule validates corn ethanol

New, highly-efficient corn ethanol plants are expected to meet the 20 percent greenhouse gas (GHG) threshold required for conventional biofuels used to meet the renewable fuels standard in the final rule for the RFS released Feb. 3, a big change from the proposed rule where corn ethanol was heavily penalized by the inclusion of indirect land use.READ MORE
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