17 hours ago

Opinion: Branding and Policies, With a Little Production

BY Lisa Gibson Found In:Operations, Markets, Coproducts, Business, PolicyFROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: Editor Lisa Gibson previews the September issue, including features on E15 branding, corn oil extraction, regulations and safety. READ MORE

August 16, 2018

In Depth: Extraction Optimization

BY Susanne Retka Schill Found In:Operations, Coproducts, BusinessFROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: New enzymes and fractionation technologies require multiple adjustments to corn oil extraction. READ MORE

August 08, 2018

USDA solicits applications for loan guarantee program

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Coproducts, Cellulosic, Business, PolicyThe USDA’s Rural Business-Cooperative Service has announced it is soliciting applications for the Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program. READ MORE

August 06, 2018

Bipartisan bill promotes biogas, CCUS technology

BY Rep. Scott Peters’ Office Found In:Coproducts, Business, PolicyRep. Scott Peter, D-Calif., and David Young, R-Iowa, recently introduced the bipartisan Carbon Utilization Act of 2018, which promotes biogas and carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) technologies. READ MORE

July 25, 2018

DOE aims to develop CO2 infrastructure for ethanol, power plants

BY Nebraska Public Power District Found In:Coproducts, Business, PolicyNebraska Public Power District is participating in a Department of Energy study that aims to develop an integrated carbon dioxide collection, transportation, and storage infrastructure in the Midwest for ethanol facilities and nearby power plants. READ MORE

July 24, 2018

EPA finalizes RFS fuel pathways for distillers sorghum oil

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Feedstocks, Coproducts, Business, PolicyOn July 24, the U.S. EPA published a notice qualifying distillers sorghum oil as an eligible feedstock for the production of advanced biofuels and biomass-based diesel under the Renewable Fuel Standard. READ MORE

July 23, 2018

NREL: New finding will help convert lignin to useful products

BY National Renewable Energy Laboratory Found In:Coproducts, CellulosicAn research team, including scientists from NREL, has discovered and characterized a new family of cytochrome P450 enzymes that is critical to improving the conversion of lignin into valuable products such as nylon, plastics, and chemicals. READ MORE

July 20, 2018

Attis announces site for biorefinery, selects feedstock provider

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Feedstocks, Coproducts, Cellulosic, BusinessIn mid-July Attis Industries announced plans to purchase a site in Georgia to locate its first commercial-scale biorefinery and said it has executed a letter of intent with a timber company to provide feedstock for the proposed facility. READ MORE

July 13, 2018

USGC emphasizes commitment to Mexican trading partnership

BY U.S. Grains Council Found In:Markets, Coproducts, Business, PolicyThe election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as Mexico’s next president will add new elements to the already-complex U.S.-Mexico trading relationship, negotiations for a revised North American Free Trade Agreement and the global grains marketplace. READ MORE