December 16, 2014

RFA comments on FDA animal food supplemental rulemaking

BY Renewable Fuels Association Found In:Operations, Coproducts, Business, PolicyThe Renewable Fuels Association has submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration last on its supplemental rulemaking proposal outlining best practices for the regulation of animal food under the Food Safety Modernization Act. READ MORE

December 15, 2014

Turkey's biosafety laws restrict U.S. DDGS shipments

BY U.S. Grains Council Found In:Markets, Coproducts, Business, PolicyTurkey is effectively no longer accepting imports of U.S. corn coproducts following the stepped-up enforcement of existing biosafety laws that restrict which genetically modified (GM) corn varieties may enter the country's grain supply. READ MORE

December 10, 2014

Few adjustments to corn supply, demand made in December report

BY Susanne Retka SchillFound In:Operations, Markets, Feedstocks, Coproducts, Business, PolicySupply and demand numbers for U.S. feed grains were mostly unchanged in the Dec. 10 World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report, with a small increase in projected corn food, seed and industrial use reducing ending stocks slightly. READ MORE

December 03, 2014

Novozymes launches enzyme for biodiesel from corn, waste oils

BY Susanne Retka SchillFound In:Feedstocks, Coproducts, BusinessNovozymes has launched a new enzyme, trademarked Eversa, for the conversion of lower-grade oils, such as waste cooking oil or corn oil, into biodiesel meeting the same trade specifications as biodiesel created through traditional chemical processing. READ MORE

November 28, 2014

USGC: Southeast Asia DDGS buyers still adapting to low-oil DDGS

BY U.S. Grains Council Found In:Coproducts, Business, PolicyDuring last month's Export Exchange program in Seattle and associated pre- and post-tours, Council staff discovered that some end-users in Southeast Asia are still learning how to adjust to the newer, low-oil distillers dried grains with solubles. READ MORE

November 20, 2014

Court documents regarding corn oil patent case unsealed

BY Holly JessenFound In:Coproducts, BusinessCourt documents dated Oct. 23, which ruled in favor of 14 ethanol plant defendants, were unsealed Nov. 13, revealing details of a court battle over corn oil separation technology. The cases concern patents owned by a subsidiary of GreenShift Corp. READ MORE

November 18, 2014

Abengoa releases Q3 results, highlights Hugoton plant startup

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Operations, Markets, Coproducts, Cellulosic, BusinessAbengoa recently released third quarter financial results, reporting positive performance for the company's biofuels business. For the first nine months of the year, the company reported overall revenues in line with those achieved in 2013. READ MORE

November 13, 2014

Gevo reports progress at ethanol, isobutanol plant

BY Anna Simet Found In:Operations, Coproducts, BusinessExciting progress is being made at Gevo Inc.'s Luverne, Minnesota, renewable fuel plant, and also within the company's recent commercial activities, Gevo CEO Pat Gruber reported during the company's third quarter conference call. READ MORE

November 13, 2014

Distillers grains with calcium oxide improve cattle diets

BY Purdue University Found In:Markets, Coproducts, BusinessResearch by Purdue University scientist Jon Schoonmaker and his colleagues has shown that small amounts of calcium oxide can neutralize the acid in distillers grains, a commonly used alternative to corn in many livestock feed mixes. READ MORE