April 17, 2015

IRFA: E15 could save Iowans $50 million per year

BY Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Found In:Markets, Business, PolicyIn an analysis of a recent Iowa Department of Revenue motor fuel report, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association has revealed that if E15 was widely available Iowa drivers could save more than $50 million per year in fuel costs. READ MORE

April 16, 2015

Study highlights economic impacts of Nebraska’s ethanol industry

BY Nebraska Ethanol Board Found In:Markets, BusinessA recent impact study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln economists reveals Nebraska’s ethanol production capacity growth between 1995 and 2014 is tenfold. The study is titled "Economic Impacts of the Ethanol Industry in Nebraska." READ MORE

April 15, 2015

EIA outlook predicts increased ethanol production through 2040

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Markets, Business, PolicyThe U.S. Energy Information Administration has released its Annual Energy Outlook 2015, which presents updated projections for U.S. energy markets through 2040 based on six different scenarios. The outlook includes ethanol forecasts. READ MORE

April 15, 2015

House bill to expand Reid vapor pressure waiver to E15 introduced

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Markets, Business, PolicyRep. Adrian Smith, R-Neb., recently introduced legislation that aims to expand the U.S. EPA’s existing waiver for Reid vapor pressure to fuels blends containing more than 10 percent ethanol. If signed into law, the bill would expand E15 availability. READ MORE

April 15, 2015

Opinion: Ethanol Delivers Quality And Price

BY Mike Bryan Found In:MarketsMarketing ethanol goes deeper than just getting a station to sell E10, E15 or E85, writes Mike Bryan. He would like to see ethanol marketed as a high-quality, environmentally friendly fuel, sold only by quality stations. READ MORE

April 14, 2015

European Parliament committee votes to approve biofuel agreement

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Markets, Cellulosic, Business, PolicyOn April 14, the environment committee of the European Parliament voted 51-12 to endorse a deal struck by legislators earlier this year that aims to cap the use of first-generation biofuels and accelerate the shift to alternative sources. READ MORE

April 14, 2015

RFA: E85 station opens in California

BY Renewable Fuels Association Found In:Operations, Markets, BusinessPearson Fuels and G&M Oil Co. are celebrating their latest partnership with the grand opening of California's newest E85 station at 499 Sandalwood Drive in Calimesa. There will be a ribbon-cutting celebration on April 15. READ MORE

April 14, 2015

Opinion: Crowd Participation Needed

BY Bob Dinneen Found gives individuals a way to make a difference and further the use of higher-level ethanol blends, writes Bob Dinneen. That websites, and others, provide consumers and government with information about ethanol blends. READ MORE

April 13, 2015

U.K. DECC releases 2014 liquid biofuel data

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Operations, Markets, BusinessThe U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change has released provisional annual energy statistics for 2014, reporting that ethanol accounted for 4.6 percent of gasoline last year. Biodiesel accounted for 3.4 percent of total diesel. READ MORE